How to Leave VoiceMail for Your Professor that Gets Results

Dear Student,

I think I got a voicemail from you. I think you need assistance with the class. I would like to tell you what I got:

  • Only your first name, so I had to figure out who was calling. I have three classes online and you aren’t the only person with that name in my classes.
  • Your phone number was garbled so I could not call you back without guessing who had called.
  • A vague idea about what was wrong.
  • No time that would be best to call you back or any other way to reach you.

This is actually one of the things I have been teaching: How to leave an effective voice mail for a professor,

  • State your first and last name clearly.
  • Indicate the course name and section number.
  • Give the professor an indication of what you need.
  • Leave the professor an some options for reaching you with a response like best time to reach you by phone or an email address. Saying your phone number or email twice slowly helps.
  • Follow up the call with a quick email with your contact information and the question you have.

This is how you practice professional phone behavior AND get results from professors or other professionals (like employers) with whom you wish to communicate. Many students get poorer results than they should because they don’t use the best communication strategies. Follow these steps for better results. Professional people value their time. If you leave good messages, you are likely to get your situation dealt with.

Why don’t you call me back and follow these steps and we can take it from there.


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