Mentor Interview: Lawyer

My name is Allison S, and I am interested in becoming a lawyer when I graduate college.  David Klein is the right person for me to interview because he is a working lawyer, and a successful one at that.

David Klein is a lawyer at Rabideau Law practicing in the areas of Real Estate Transactions and Land Use. He graduated first in his law school class and was a Senior Staff member of Nova Law Review. While in law school, David interned for several Florida law firms, enabling him to gain experience in a wide range of areas. Prior to law school, he obtained extensive experience in the real estate industry, working as an Analyst/Asset Manager for one of Florida’s largest commercial real estate investment firms.

Q: What made you decide to go into the legal field?
A: I used to work for a real estate investment firm as an analyst.  I enjoyed it a lot; however, I wanted to expand my knowledge and growth ability in the real estate field.  I felt that becoming a real estate attorney would be a great way to excel within the industry.

Q: What made you choose real estate law?
A: In addition to the above, I chose real estate law because it is different than most types of law.  I am a transactional attorney; therefore, I do not litigate.  Real estate is different because it is tangible.  You can physically see what you are working on, whether it be a house, a shopping center, or a vacant piece of land.  In addition, it is an area of law that is not as stressful as others.

Q: What was the strangest case you’ve worked on?
A: Because I am a transactional attorney (i.e. I don’t litigate), I don’t have too many “strange” matters.  Nevertheless, when dealing with real estate, especially someone’s home, people can get very emotional.  So I have seen people behave in ways that are somewhat startling, but I think it often has to do with the stress of buying or selling a house or dealing with a matter concerning their home.  It may not be a true reflection of how that face problems in their everyday lives.

Q: Have there ever been times where you’ve regretted going into law?
A: Definitely not.  I think a lot people who graduate from law school have an unrealistic expectation of what the work life will be.  Those are the people who often regret getting into law.  However, prior to law school I worked in the corporate world for a while, so I fairly good understanding of what my daily routine would consist of.

Q: What’s the most challenging part of real estate law ?
A: Like most types of law, I think the most challenging part, especially as a fairly new lawyer, is making sure that you have the knowledge to adequately represent your clients.  And no matter how experienced you are, almost all lawyers face the challenge of managing their clients expectations and explaining the facts and law to them in a way that helps them fully understand the matter at hand.


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