College Dropout Has 26 Million Students – and No Teacher’s License!

There are a variety of ways to learn and college is not the only way, especially now.

Mr. Marolla

Each year, I have between 80 and 150 students.  This is called ‘having influence over young people’.

In NY State, you need at least 18 ‘education credits’, a BA and then an MS/MA from a University.

Then you need to take a Content Specialty Exam (CSE), the LAST (a liberal arts exam), and an ATS-W (teacher theory / jargon) exam.

The State has implemented more exams to take for people who went through the system after I did.  Each one of these exams has a fee attached to it.  It must be a great moneymaker for NY state government and colleges – seeing all the people going to college to become teachers.

I’ve mentioned and  Here is another site run by a guy with 26 million students.  He dropped out of college.  This means he doesn’t have a teaching credential.  Just like Salman Khan over at  How…

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